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Who hasn't received a promotional pen or a similar small souvenir from various companies with their names and contact details imprinted on them? If you belong to a company or probably own one, maybe even you have distributed such custom promotional items to a lot of people. But the question is, do you actually know the power or promotional products and how to use them effectively?

Promotional products are essentially used to promote a product, service or any company message or program which includes the aspect of gifting everyone with customized imprinted items. But the chief task of any promotional product is to enhance and increase brand awareness. People must discuss about your brand's existence to their friends, colleagues and other affiliates.

Mouth-to-mouth publicity can work wonders for your business! The 'staying' capability of promotional products is what makes them a lot different. Unlike expensive above the line advertising initiatives these products might not be overlooked. An efficient product is bound to be used by its recipient for a longer time. So make sure you sink into creative and marketing strategies; and significantly opt for a durable product for positive results.

Business promotional gifts are easily available and moreover extremely affordable. The returns they provide might prove to be extraordinary most of the times. In fact, you can simply place an order online and get them delivered to your doorstep. If you are planning to craft an integral marketing strategy, these products can contribute efficiently to one of the most important components of the marketing mix: "promotion". Their impression on potential customers is not only long lasting but speedily measurable as well.

For example, instead of giving away an ordinary pen in the upcoming tradeshow, try distributing eco-friendly and recycled pens along with a social message of saving the environment. This will create a buzz amongst the visitors, driving them to your booth and eventually converting into a lead for increasing your sales opportunities.

Let's jot down the top five benefits of utilizing such promotional corporate gifts.

1. Enhancing your brand image

Giving away free gifts with a significant message can carve your brand's image in customers' minds. If you are looking for ways to improve or increase your goodwill, distributing

promotional products is exactly what you need. 2. Re-spotlight on existing products, services and facilities

Promotional products is an excellent medium to revive your offerings amongst existing as well as potential customers.

3. Generate leads for sales

The ultimate goal for any business is to increase sales and for that you would require leads. You can request potential customers to submit their contact details in return for the promotional gift.

4. Launch new products, services, facilities

When you launch a new product or service, the key criteria is usually to create awareness about it. Promotion is an ideal medium to spread awareness and if your product is extraordinary, people might actually talk about it for several years!

5. Stimulate productivity level of employees

The magic of promotional items is not merely restricted to potential customers. Distributing an amusing stress buster amongst employees can motivate them to perform better.

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